On Driving and Drinking

No, this post does not offer advice to the aspiring hoodlum. Rather, the reversal of the common imperative against drinking and driving in the title indicates the need for a reevaluation of its ethical import. To be clearer, my title and the following post show that there is an inherent problem in asking people to … Continue reading On Driving and Drinking

The Apology of Critical Theory

History is receding. No doubt, it is due in part, as numerous social critics have noted, to its appropriation by mass culture and media. But, ironically, it is likewise due to the very work of socio-historical criticism. As Baudrillard argues in┬áThe Illusion of the End, the continuous revision of history by critical theory has diffused … Continue reading The Apology of Critical Theory

On Information, Knowledge and Truth

Einstein has famously stated that "information is not knowledge." This may well be the case, since, as recent developments in the study of cognition have shown, knowledge derives not only from exposure to assertions, but also from one's ability to analyze and synthesize these in a manner that both certifies their particular applicability and codifies … Continue reading On Information, Knowledge and Truth